When every detail counts, we choose our subcontractors with care.


Fair Opportunity Policy

R.D. Olson Construction prides ourselves on providing a fair and equal opportunity to all our associates and within our subcontractor and vendor community.  By encouraging all subcontractors to go through our Pre-Qualification Process, we maintain a policy that allows all qualified subcontractors to obtain a fair and equal opportunity to compete on R.D. Olson Construction Projects. We believe it is absolutely important to provide equality within our business practices to strengthen our projects and communities in which we build. 

When soliciting project opportunities, we ensure that an equal and fair opportunity is offered to all SBE (Small Business Enterprises) / WBE (Women Business Enterprises) / DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises) / MBE (Minority Business Enterprises, DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) and Section 3 Subcontractors.  Whether a subcontractor is certified in a specific field or meets the requirements but has not obtained the certification, we equally provide the opportunities and guidance when bidding on our projects.  Our commitment to diversity and SBE / WBE / DVBE / MBE / DBE and Section 3 Subcontractors has helped support our local communities that perform projects within, strengthen the relationship within the community, elevates the local economy and creates relationships for future endeavors for all that are involved. With our 40 plus years of contracting we have partnered with many SBE / WBE / DVBE / MBE / DBE and Section 3 Subcontractors and have seen their company and/or success grow through the years as well as help partner and mentor R.D. Olson Construction on the impact our continued outreach has created. 

In an effort to stimulate the local economy and specific project requirements, R.D. Olson works closely with our subcontractors to perform community outreach and local hiring practices through consultants and local hire programs or job fairs.    

Through our many product types in which R.D. Olson Construction performs, we continuously strive for diversity within our subcontractors and utilize SBE / WBE / DVBE / MBE / DBE and Section 3 Subcontractors as much as possible, regardless of a project type. 

We encourage all subcontractors to go through our Pre-Qualification Process.   

If you’re a subcontractor interested in becoming a part of the R.D. Olson Construction Building Team, a Pre-Qualification Package must first be submitted in order for your company to be eligible to bid or perform work on any of R.D. Olson Construction’s projects.

Upon completion of the pre-qualification process your company will be added to our Subcontractor Bid List, which allows your company to bid future projects and participate in work with R.D. Olson Construction.

pre-qualification-packageThis package includes:

  • Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Form plus instructions
  • R.D. Olson Construction’s General Insurance Requirements & Insurance Samples plus Instructions
  • R.D. Olson Construction’s General Terms and Conditions plus Instructions

To avoid any future requests for this information, complete and return the General Terms and Conditions (GC101) document and the Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Form immediately. Remember that this information is a requirement to be considered for any project.

Please return completed forms by:


R.D. Olson Construction
Attn: Qualification Department
400 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 1200
Irvine, CA 92618


Tiffany Caruthers: tcaruthers@rdolson.com
Subject Line: Pre-Qualification Package

Project Bid Invitations:
If you received an Invitation to Bid, R.D. Olson Construction will be implementing Textura’s Construction Payment Management (CPM) System, an automated qualification and payment processing service. This fee must be incorporated in your proposal and note “Textura Fee is included”.

Refer to Exhibit G – Textura CPM System.